KKW Contour Kit – First Impressions

I purchased KKW’s contour kit when she first launched them back in June. I was so happy that I had the chance to get myself a kit because it was so hyped (and still is) in the beauty world. Once I received them, I shared it on Instagram Stories, stored them in my vanity from excitement and totally forgot I even had them in my makeup collection.

Several days ago, I came across Jaclyn Hill and Patrick Starrr’s video using the contour kit with Kim Kardashian West herself and remembered, “OMG, I HAVE THEM! Why on Earth have I not used them?”, so I decided to sit my butt down, swatch them, play with them a little, and share my initial thoughts on them.


Just like the Kylie Cosmetics x KKW collab, the packaging is a feminine, muted, light pink which is so aesthetically pleasing! Personally, I love the packaging. The simpler, the better. Right?


Also, what I found very interesting is how the brush was packaged in this compact plastic wrap. I believe it is there for sanitation purposes and I find that so unique – It’s the little things.

My skin tone is light-to-medium, so I went ahead and chose the “medium” kit in order for it to actually show up on my skin and I believe it is my perfect shade, so yay! I swatched each shade on my arm and let me tell ya’ll, THEY SWATCH SOOOO NICELY! I was in shock how creamy they felt. “Highlight II” is too pretty! It has a natural glow and I can already tell I’m going to LOVE IT for an everyday look.

Even though there’s been many first impressions and mixed reviews on this contour kit, but in all honesty, (after playing with them four hours on my arms and fingers) it’s needless to say these products will be in my August Favorites; I just know it.

<— With Flash — No Flash —>

Have you gotten your KKW contour kit? Or will you pass?
Feel free to share any questions or comments below!

P.S. I plan to put them to the test and use them in a makeup look this upcoming weekend.
Afterwards, I’ll come back to this post and update ya’ll! Xo

4 thoughts on “KKW Contour Kit – First Impressions

  1. Jade Mayhead says:

    The second highlight looks beautiful, I can see why you will be loving it. I am looking forward to seeing the look you create and your updated thoughts!xo

    Liked by 1 person

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