KKW Lip Review


Happy Friday!

I finally caved in and purchased Kylie Cosmetic’s collaboration with Kim Kardashian West who’s known for rocking a sexy nude lip. I love how any nude lip can be paired with an everyday natural look or an intense smokey eye.

Below are the lipstick bottles – Aren’t they so pretty? Honestly, the packaging is what convinced me to get this. I just love how simple, yet girly it looks.


The packaging is a muted pink and I don’t think I’ll stop obsessing over it. Each liquid lipstick’s finish is créme which results in a very comfortable wear throughout the day. It is sheer to medium coverage that can be built up to your desired intensity. I did notice that causes the lipstick to come off easily, but I don’t mind re-applying throughout the day because it is a formula that contains moisturizing and hydrating ingredients that glide on so easily. Plus, it is so lightweight on the lips and has absolutely no scent. Perfect for everyday wear!

Each set comes with four lippies (YAY)!

  • Kimberly is a true nude.

  • Kim is a peachy nude.

  • Kiki is a pinky nude.

  • Kimmie is a deep nude.

No Flash —– With Flash

All lipsticks swatched on my arm very nicely, but  the shade “Kim” was the only one I found streaky. However, when applied to the lips, it applied well and was easy to build up. “Kimmie” is my favorite! Even though it’s a deep nude, I find it to be my (I have medium skin) perfect go-to shade. Each set is $45 + shipping which I find fairly priced because it does come with 4 liquid lipsticks (11.25 each)!

My final thoughts are: I only recommend this if you are lipstick junkie (LIKE ME) because one does not need all 4 lipsticks. If purchased, it will be the perfect addition to your collection. I love it so far and I can’t wait to play with each lipstick some more.

Will you be purchasing a KKW lip set? Or do you have any questions or comments? Feel free to share with me below!

Buy your set HERE!


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